ASA is an award winning industrial design studio. This website contains some examples of our work; it is a snapshot, demonstrating the consistent quality of thought and execution on which the reputation of asa has been built.

Since 1985 we have created products that have re-shaped and transformed the fortunes of a wide variety of different businesses. We may be asked to breathe life into existing products or give shape new ones; research opportunities for diversification, or explore applications for a new process.

In many instances we have been retained as design advisors, evolving and executing product development programmes with our clients over a number of years.

The art and craft of the industrial designer is increasingly masked by a wall of jargon and business speak, but results speak for themselves and we are proud of our record. The final arbiter of any product is the customer who is often confronted with bewildering choice. If we have succeeded they will stop, look and wish to find out more; that done they must not be disappointed. New product development is creative, frustrating, inspiring, exhausting, fun and necessary for success in business.