More than anything, good design depends on good relationships: for clients this requires that they are listened to from the outset, challenged where appropriate and fully engaged. Our shared objective is a product that customers value and want to buy.

Having worked in a large consultancy, (and then a small consultancy which became a large one) I started my own practice because I believed that design consultancy was not a commodity but a bespoke service requiring the personal attention of the designer and the client: all my experience has confirmed this conviction.

The industrial designer is a creative facilitator and we function most effectively given clear guidelines and an open responsive climate in which to work.

Exceptional design is the result of care and consideration for a bewildering mix of factors; the process is not an easy one, nor is it a respector of complacency the world moves on. My years in practice have taught me two things: not to take anything for granted and that this can be the best job in the world working in the company of those who have the intelligence, creativity and the management skill to combine their gifts with ours: I think it’s called alchemy and the feeling when it works is pure magic.

There are depressingly few products available that I covet, but I think we’ve created some. I hope the evidence of this website will confirm this belief and encourage further investigation.